UniTekNet Website Solutions

Terms and Conditions

(as of January 1st 2004)


1) Website Package.

The purchase of any of the UniTeknet website packages entitles the Customer to 1 year of free hosting on our server. It also entitles the Customer to full access and control of his password protected administration panel to allow him the use of all UniTekNet software and databases provided on our server for the management and editing of his website.


 2) Payment:

A non-refundable* 50 % deposit of the package value is required at the time of the order and the balance of 50 % is payable within 45 days. On reception of the deposit, UniTekNet will endeavor to set up a functional website preview within 14 days with the information provided by the Customer. At this time UniTekNet will advise the Customer that he has 7 days to inform UniTekNet of any required changes to the preview of the website. After 7 days, UniTekNet will automatically assume the Customer to be fully satisfied with the finalized site and request immediate payment of remaining balance.

(* The deposit will only be refunded, if customer is refused a personal loan application by his bank or finance company to use this money to finance the website project as stated in the special arrangements of the order form.)


3) Renewal:

There is no obligation for the Customer to renew his hosting package after the 1st year of free hosting but if the Customer elects to renew his contract, UniTekNet will charge a  hosting fee for a full year according to the solution chosen. Renewal fees is a flat administrative and technical maintenance fee of £240 per year.  The hosting fee entitles the customer to continue enjoying all the services provided by UniTekNet as stated in paragraph # 1. The renewal date starts 13 months after the initial order date.













4) Termination / Transfer of Domain:

After one year of service and unless the Customer chooses to renew his contract, UniTekNet will automatically terminate the hosting service, including access to all software and databases. If the Customer does not wish to renew his contract but chooses to transfer his domain name and website to another ISPís server, UniTekNet will release the domain name and website once an administrative transfer fee of £240 has been duly paid to UniTekNet. For database driven sites, only the HTML source pages and graphics will be released. The database program remaining the property of UniTekNet.


5) Performance of contract:

A) UniTekNet endeavors to make its server available 98 % of any given 24 hrs period, measured over each 4-week period, but Customer acknowledges and accepts that access to the UniTekNet server may not be possible or may be delayed occasionally due to excessive use or demand, or to any other Internet traffic circumstances outside UniTekNetís control.

B) Customer warrants and confirms that no material he posted on his website violates any copyright, intellectual property rights or any other rights. Customer accepts full responsibility for it and acknowledges that UniTekNet will not be liable for it. The Customer also agrees not to use his website to provide contents violating moral or public order or inciting to racism, or insult or in any way violate the right of third parties. Failure to comply after UniTekNet has duly informed Customer of the situation may result in immediate suspension or termination of the hosting service agreement.


6) Jurisdiction and dispute resolution:

Both parties, UniTekNet and the Customer acknowledge that this contract constitutes the entire agreement between them and furthermore acknowledge that English Law governs this agreement and therefore submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.








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